2h30 Kayak Trip

This trip is the best way to discover the sea and the shore.
With frequent breaks, the time goes by too quickly.
Fees: 40 € per person


After carrying the kayaks to the beach and distributing the gear the guide will give you some safety information and basic information about sea kayaking. Before getting on the water you will try your boat and the guide will adjust with the seat and the foot rest.
From the first instant on the water you will be surprised by how enjoyable it is to glide on the surface and by how stable the boats feel.


Your guide will be with you at all times to make sure you are comfortable and give you (if you wish) some technical advice about efficient paddling posture and technique. Before you know it you will be offshore feeling comfortable and confident on the water. The guide will share with you information about the environment that surrounds you; you will discoverbeautiful birds such as oyster catchers, curlews, cormorans, sandpipers and others. You are paddling in a nature reserve on top of a giant aquarium.



The location and route of the trip will depend on the weather forecast and sea conditions. Depending on the wind and the swell we will either head out in the more protected side of the Baie de Quiberon (East facing side) or on the ‘Océan side’ (West facing). On the map of the Presqu’île you can see our usual starting points whichare close to the ‘côte sauvage’ with wonderful views onTéviec island. You could also start from the National sailing and nautical sport School.

Sessions are open to everybody over 12 years old.
Great trip for burial of bachelorhood