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Sea Kayak-Paddleboarding

Welcome to Brittany for a zen parenthesis with Sillages.
And enjoy your stay to relax and make your trip unforgettable.

Sea Kayaking or Paddle boarding are the ideal ways to discover the magnificent Quiberon Peninsula .
With your paddle , it will reveal to you in original size and “nature”.

English spoken with French accent ! (since 1994)

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Embark on the discovery of one of the most beautiful landscapes of Brittany! Our kayaks are stable, comfortable and easy to use. On board, you will be safe and you will enjoy this mode of green travel and eco-friendly. This is an activity accessible to everyone who requires no special physical condition. Discretion sea kayaking and shallow draft will open the doors of unsuspected natural landscapes inaccessible by foot.
Sea Kayak-Paddleboarding-quiberon-morbihan-brittany-courses-trips-sillages

Historically Sea Kayak and Paddleboarding are activities close to nature, but it is also one of the least restrictive nautical disciplines. Indeed, we can practice with a wide range of weather, by any tidal schedules. And if there is no wind or swell, it’s not a problem, on the contrary. In addition, our mobility allow us to start from more sheltered site if needed. this is a reliable activity programmable almost 100% of the time.

Our services are always supervised by qualified instructors sea-guides , experienced and passionate about their craft . Each session begins on the beach with a small technical introduction to paddling and kayak uses . It allows, from beginner to experienced, active to contemplative, a rapid and adapted progression in a relaxed atmosphere. Each can enjoy the visit of a well-hidden cave, sight of wildlife and exceptional flora.
What enjoy sea kayaking for the visit of a well- hidden cave or the sight of wildlife and exceptional flora.

Sea Kayak-Paddleboarding-quiberon-morbihan-brittany-courses-trips-sillages

On the menu with Sea Kayak and Paddleboarding you’ll discover an activity closer to nature and a special encounter with the marine and cultural heritage. So go ahead and come share with us this unique adventure !

Sea Kayak-Paddleboarding-quiberon-morbihan-brittany-courses-trips-sillages
Sea Kayak-Paddleboarding-quiberon-morbihan-brittany-courses-trips-sillages