“A perfect morning” 
We had fun kayaking, saw the most beautiful parts of Quiberon and met the friendliest people of our whole holiday. A morning in kayaks with our 9 and 11 year old sons along the coast of Quiberon. The staff ensured safety, fun and their English was great (which helped due to our limited knowledge of French!). I would recommend this experience to anyone, from water sports enthusiasts to complete beginners.

“Fantastic !” 
I booked three mornings with Eric Marion and his team for myself, my wife and two children (ages 13 and 17). We spent the time exploring Quiberon’s Cote Sauvage. Each day was different as the weather and tide change. Kayaking is the ideal way to see the birds, rocks and caves along the coast. We also had the chance to improve our technique. We had good kayaks and equipment and professional guides. It was fantastic and we will book again next year.

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